Eric Walts

Eric Walts - President / CEO
(317) 718-1800 Ext. 112

ERIC WALTS is the co-founder, President, and CEO of Toric Engineering.  Eric is responsible for overseeing marketing, engineering, design, production, and customer service.  He develops policies that guide the course of action for Toric’s management staff.  Eric uses his experience as a project engineer to development innovative manufacturing techniques to increase the efficiency of control panel assembly.

At young age, Eric developed a desire to be an entrepreneur by working for family owned hardware stores. The success of the small hardware store was the superior customer service that couldn’t be provided by the box stores.  Superior customer service continues to be a priority for Eric. The experience of working at the hardware stores to help customers solve their home repair problems developed a desire in Eric to improve his troubleshooting skills.  This helped direct Eric to get a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University.   As a project engineer, Eric designed and implemented many water and waste water control system projects as well as industrial chiller systems, industrial motion control and vision welder systems, and a military remote controlled hot air balloon and motion controlled pontoon boat.