Garth Trent

Garth Trent - Software Engineer
(317) 718-1800 Ext. 153

Garth Trent is a Software Engineer at Toric Engineering.  Garth has brought an interesting perspective to Toric since 2011. After gaining his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science combined with a 2nd concentration in Chemistry in 1992 from Wright University, he went on to get his amateur radio license from the FCC in ’98 and further training in Rockwell Automation Advanced SLC-500 and Bristol Babcock ControlWave systems. Combining his schooling with 30 years of experience, Garth has helped to program and startup a multitude of water and waste water treatment plants in over a dozen states across the US from California to New Jersey. 

One of Garth’s most memorable projects was for Kokomo Water. It was his first project after starting with Toric. On that job he was able to learn how both ground water and surface water are treated in only one location. He also enjoys combining his programming skills with chemistry background to gain a better understanding of water treatment chemical feed systems. 

Garth in an avid member of his family and community outside of work as well. From volunteering for the local marching band or drum corp to playing the keys in his praise band at church to even being a storm spotter for the National Weather Service and volunteering with radio communications at the Indianapolis location, he is able to help his community by doing the things he loves. He is also very grateful to travel frequently with his wife to the Great Smokey Mountains where his children reside.