• Newburgh WWTP Improvements

  • The Newburgh Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements project was done with Reynolds Inc.  The existing Newburgh WWTP consisted of five Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) tanks that were designed to handle 14.4mgd.  With the improvements project, an additional three SBR tanks were added to the system to increase the intake of the plant to 19.2mgd.  The improvements project also replaced the existing DH+ PLC network with an Ethernet network with a fiber optic backbone.


    The waste water treatment plant had to stay in service while the existing controls were removed and new controls and instrumentation were installed.  Because the new controls were Ethernet-based and the installation of new controls were staged months apart, new PLC controllers on Ethernet and existing PLC controllers on DH+ had to be able to pass information back and forth to keep all systems operational.


    Toric added temporary Operator Interface Touchscreens (OIT) to new control panels that were not connected to the new SCADA system so the plant operators had full control of the new equipment.  Temporary PLC’s had to be added in certain locations to pass critical information from the DH+ network to the new Ethernet network using the serial ports and message commands of the new and existing PLC’s.  Since the new controls were replacing existing PLC controls that were in service, all new control panels had to be thoroughly tested with programming and graphics complete before replacing the existing equipment.  The existing SCADA computers were upgraded from Windows NT machines with Wonderware 7.0 graphics software and DH+ communications.  The new system was upgraded to Windows XP with Wonderware 10.1 graphics software and Ethernet communications.  Trending, alarming, and reporting had to be completely functional on the new SCADA computers that were communicating with the new controls being installed in different stages.