• Osgood Gas Monitoring

  • Gas Monitoring and Alarming

    The Osgood Gas Utilities used analog pressure gauges to measure the gas pressure at the substations.  The substations were checked once a day manually which meant that a gas leak could occur and go almost 24 hours before being reported.

  • Challenges

    Osgood Gas Utilities needed a way to continuously monitor the gas pressure and notify if out of range.  Since there was no existing SCADA equipment, a new solution would have to be started from scratch.  Funding was an issue, so it was important to find a low-cost solution that also had a low monthly service fee.

  • Solution

    Toric designed a controls solution that utilized cellular technology for both remote access and alarm notification.  The operator can adjust a high and low pressure alarm setpoint via a touchscreen.  When the pressure goes out of range of these setpoints, a text message alarm is sent to the operator.  The station will continue to callout until the alarm is acknowledged via text message.  With the remote access feature the operator has the full capability of the touchscreen, including setpoint manipulation and trend viewing from any Smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Trend history is stored on a flash drive that can be downloaded and backed up on the customer's computer.