A customer contacted Toric Engineering to request their help with a lift station control panel upgrade.  The lift station control panel was starting to develop maintenance issues.  Some of the issues included obsolete equipment, poor documentation, and limited space.  Therefore, it was difficult for the customer’s maintenance personnel to trouble shoot it. 

The lift station had a consistent influent flow that required the lift station control panel to cycle the pumps on and off through out the day.   Since the lift station was operational, the customer was concerned about shutting it down to do the upgrade. Toric Engineering provided a proposal to upgrade the lift station by reusing the existing enclosure. By reusing the existing enclosure, it helped to lower the cost of material, the installation time, and reduce down time.

First, the Toric team would design a new swing out panel and back panel.  Second, the new panels would be manufactured in Toric Engineering’s panel shop.  Finally, it was time to install the new swing out panel and back panel. Toric Engineering developed a plan of action that would minimize the down time of the Lift station.  As a result of these strategies, the upgrade was completed in one day, during normal work hours.