Well control panels and RTU (remote telemetry unit)  were provided to a municipality.  The customer was expanding their well field to include three new wells.  Tasked with designing and manufacturing the well control panels, Toric had a few challenges to overcome.


First, the wells were located several miles away from the existing water treatment plant.  This resulted in the need to have wireless communication between the wells and the water treatment plant.  A new RTU panel was provided at the well field and hard wired to the well control panels.  Toric Engineering personnel modified the existing water treatment plant  controls to add the new wells.  Not only would these programming changes allow the operator to remotely control the wells manually, but also by automatic operation.  Second, an alarm system was provided to notify the customer of any alarms from the existing system and/or the new well control panels.


Finally, the well field had the tendency to flood, causing water to get into the underground conduit.  The water and the long wire run between the RTU and well control panels caused false alarms. Toric Engineering was able to determine a solution to the issue, present to the customer’s consulting engineer, and resolve the problem.