• The scope of the flood risk reduction project was to manage both storm water runoff and water table level to prevent flooding of the customer’s buildings. During previous rain events, significant damage had occurred to buildings and equipment.

    The project required the control panels to house a 15 kva mini-power zone lighting panel as well as an automatic transfer switch. These large items required a custom enclosure to be designed and manufactured. To match the existing paint colors, a custom powder coating was necessary. These requirements required a long lead time to complete the enclosure, but could not affect the project deadline.

    Toric’s innovative design and the panel shop’s commitment to working overtime to manufacture the enclosure enabled us to meet the project schedule. Two control panels were provided to help control storm water runoff from the property. Pump Stations 1 and 2 control the runoff from the rear area and the front area of property, respectively. Each pump has START and STOP level set points that are adjustable in the PLC via a local touchscreen operator interface. Each control panel is equipped with an automatic transfer switch that activates a standby generator in the event of a power failure.

    Control status and alarms are communicated to the existing plant SCADA system. The water table level is controlled by a Dewatering panel connected to two large submersible well pumps at separate locations on the campus. The pumps are located at a depth of approximately 90 feet. The water table level is obtained from each well and an additional monitoring well. The START and STOP set points are adjustable within the PLC, via the operator panel located on a swing-out panel within the enclosure. The speed of each well pump and the acceleration and deceleration times of the pump are controlled via a Variable Frequency Drive. In the event of a power outage, this enclosure is also equipped with an automatic transfer switch that activates a dedicated standby generator.