The filter controls upgrade was a design-build project. The scope of this project was to rehab controls for 12 filters. The existing control panels were obsolete and needed to be replaced.  The filter control panels had been modified multiple times over the years, and were built into the block walls, which dictated the size of the replacement panel.  Because production could not be interrupted, each filter could have only one week of down time.

Toric designed the replacement fiberglass control panel and had it custom-manufactured to fit the opening in the block wall. The short down time required Toric to have the control panel built, tested, and programmed before shut down. The conduit and wire to the field instruments had to be complete, leaving only the final connections to the new control panel when it was set in place. Additionally, the new filter controls required wiring and programming modifications to the existing blower control panel.  An Ethernet network was installed to each filter and a new computer with Intellution Fix32 was provided to display the status of each filter. The existing SCADA computer was modified to communicate to the new networked PLC’s.